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Goodenia ovata

August 25, 2014

Botanical: Goodenia ovata Goodenia ovata
Common: Hop Goodenia
Family: Goodeniaceae
Goodenia is a genus of about 200 species, almost all of which are confined to Australia although a few occur in the islands to the north. Goodenias exhibit some of the best horticultural attributes as garden plants, however they are not as widely cultivated or available from garden centres as they should be.

The Hop Goodenia is a small sub-shrub to 1m high and spreads up to 3m wide. It is found throughout the eastern states of Australia, including South Australia and Tasmania, generally in open woodland forests or rocky situations near the sea.

The leaves are glossy light green with serrated margins. Of interest is the fact that both leaves and stems are somewhat sticky to the touch.
Flowering almost nonstop throughout the year, the bright yellow 5-petalled flowers appear in the leaf axils.


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