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Never give up!

March 7, 2017

As a compulsive plant-addict who is forever tip pruning and savaging all prunings to make fresh cuttings, there seems a point in time when one thinks… I have to give up!


This is like saying a child as a friend’s 6th birthday party cannot have a serving of icecream while everyone else consumes said icecream.

It’s like trying to tell a fish to stop swimming.

It’s not going to happen folks as addicts like us just keep propagating throughout the year and end with pots everywhere with miscellaneous cuttings (some unlabelled) strategically located throughout the garden. Yes, we all are guilty of doing a cutting and too busy to label the specimen saying “I’ll come back to that and label it later” which of course we get distracted and never do the labelling. Same with seed sowing.

As a result, I have unlabelled plants that need to flower for me to verify their names; I have bulbous plants still underground waiting for them to shoot before a tag can be shoved into the potting mix; and I have many potted up plants that are too young to flower and will need another year or two to form a flower. I have created chaos but I am still propagating.

I hope you find this addiction as fun as I do 🙂

By Paul Plant

Seeds of Dombeya.
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