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Arno King

Warm and sultry, the air heavy with perfume… nights spent relaxing in the garden or upon the veranda...

For many, this is the best time of the year. For others this is one of the least pleasant times to be outside. Yes, you get hot and sweaty when you do any heavy work. The moisture and warmth stimulate growth, so there is plenty to see and do.

Along much of the east coast of northern Australia, we have just had an exceptionally dry spring which has been very trying on gardens and gardeners. However both long term weather forecasters and the Bureau of Metrology predict a summer with average rainfall patterns and the possibility of cyclonic activity. Start preparing the garden now so that you can enjoy the months ahead and minimise ongoing maintenance.

The article looks at:

  • Vegetable Garden
  • Annuals
  • Pond
  • Shadehouse

Special information is also provided for:

  • Vegetable planting schedule for Dec, Jan, Feb and Mar
    for subtropics and tropics
  • Annual planting schedule for Dec, Jan, Feb and Mar


From a 9 page Feature Article in Issue Twenty Nine
Vegetable Hummingbird (Sesbania grandiflora).
Make a splash of colour with annuals.
Experiment with a few pots. Combine perennials and annuals for interesting colour and texture.
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