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Each issue we ask five horticulture experts to list their favourite plant types on a selected theme.

Previously we would only ask for two favourites each to be listed, however, we have expanded their initial selection to five favourites from which they choose their top two to focus upon.

The decision can depend upon many factors such as soil, climate, drought tolerance, aesthetics or just plain personal preference!

Claire Bickle

Cattleya cultivars – Cattleya
Oncidium sphacelatum – Dancing Lady Orchid
Stanhopea tigrina – Stanhopea Orchid
Thelychiton speciosus – King Orchid
Vanilla planifolia – Vanilla Orchid

Helen Curran

Cattleya hybrids – Cattleya
Coelogyne cristata x flaccida – Coelogyne
Dendrobium kingianum – Pink Rock Orchid
Dendrobium nobile – Soft Cane Dendrobium
Vanda coerulea – Blue Vanda

Ross Gelling

Cepobaculum tattonianum – Tea Tree Orchid
Cymbidium canaliculatum – Black Orchid
Dendrobium agrostophyllum – Buttercup Orchid
Phaius terrestris – Pink Nodding Orchid
Spathoglottis plicata – Purple Ground Orchid

Joan Dillon

hybrids – Cattleya
Phaius australis – Swamp Orchid
Promenaea ovatiloba x xanthina – Promenaea
Pseudovanilla foliata – Giant Climbing Orchid
Spiranthes sinensis – Ladies’ Tresses

Phillip O'Malley

Epidendrum ibaguense
– Crucifix Orchid
Geodorum densiflorum – Shepherd’s Crook Orchid
Oncidium sphacelatum – Dancing Lady Orchid
Phalaenopsis hybrids – Moth Orchid
Vappodes phalaenopsis – Cooktown Orchid

From a 6 page Feature Article in Issue Thirty Three
Dendrobium nobile.
Phaius australis.
Epidendrum ibaguense.


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