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Joan Dillon

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The popular Land for Wildlife program requires a minimum area of native vegetation on each participating property and so excludes most urban gardens. With this in mind, the community based program Gardens for Wildlife was launched this year in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast region.

Any garden can be a garden for wildlife and give endless pleasure as we watch birds splashing in a birdbath or foraging amongst the foliage, or colourful butterflies alighting on a favoured flower. Who does not enjoy having local birds, butterflies, bees and lizards in the garden?

Make no mistake, gardens are important. They may include a small patch of remnant vegetation, or when linked to nearby gardens, provide stepping-stones for local wildlife to move from one area to another in their search for food.

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From a 4 page Feature Article in Issue Thirty Six
Lace monitor soaking up the sun.
Cicada and bark.
Even spiders have a function in gardens.
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