10 Favourites


Each issue we ask five horticulture experts to list their favourite plant types on a selected theme.

Previously we would only ask for two favourites each to be listed, however, we have expanded their initial selection to five favourites from which they choose their top two to focus upon.

The decision can depend upon many factors such as soil, climate, drought tolerance, aesthetics or just plain personal preference!

Helen Curran

Brugmansia suaveolens ‘Domain’ – Domain Angel’s Trumpet
Caesalpinia pulcherrima – Pride of Barbados
Calliandra haematocephala – Powder Puff
Plumeria hybrid (P. pudica x P. rubra) ‘Pink’ – Pink Pudica
Radermachera sp. ‘Kunming’ – Summerscent

Joan Dillon

Backhousia citriodora – Lemon Myrtle
Duboisia myoporoides – Corkwood
Gymnostoma australianum – Daintree Pine
Lepiderema pulchella – Fine–leaved Tuckeroo
Thaleropia queenslandica – Queensland Golden Myrtle

Patrick Regnault

Alloxylon flammeum
– Queensland Tree Waratah
Atractocarpus fitzalanii – Brown Gardenia
Banksia serrata – Old Man Banksia
Lagerstroemia indica ‘Alba’ – White Crepe Myrtle
Pandanus tectorius – Thatch Screw Pine

Julie Roach

Citrus aurantiifolia
– Tahitian Lime
Fraxinus griffithii – Evergreen Ash
Magnolia champaca – Golden Champaca
Mimusops elengi – Red Coondoo
Plumeria obtusa – Evergreen Frangipani

Melina Simpson

Atractocarpus fitzalanii – Brown Gardenia 
Buckinghamia celsissima – Ivory Curl Tree     
Corymbia ‘Summer Red’ – Summer Red Gum  
Decaspermum humile – Silky Myrtle   
Plinia cauliflora – Jaboticaba

From a 6 page Feature Article in Issue Thirty Eight
Plumeria hybrid (P. pudica x P. rubra) ‘Pink’
Thaleropia queenslandica (syn. Metrosideros queenslandica)
Plinia cauliflora (syn. Myrciaria cauliflora)


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