10 Favourites


Each issue we ask five horticulture experts to list their favourite plant types on a selected theme.

Previously we would only ask for two favourites each to be listed, however, we have expanded their initial selection to five favourites from which they choose their top two to focus upon.

The decision can depend upon many factors such as soil, climate, drought tolerance, aesthetics or just plain personal preference!

Helen Curran

Aglaonema Thai Hybrids – Thai Aglaonemas
Maranta leuconeura – Prayer Plant
Philodendron hastatum – Spade-leaf Philodendron
Polyscias fruticosa – Ming Aralia
Zamioculcas zamiifolia – Treasure Fern

Patrick Regnault

Aglaonema commutatum
– Chinese Evergreen
Alcantarea imperialis – Imperial Bromeliad
Begonia masoniana – Iron Cross Begonia
Chamaedorea seifrizii – Bamboo Palm
Zamioculcas zamiifolia – Treasure Fern

Julie Roach

Aechmea fasciata
– Silver Vase
Anthurium andraeanum – Painter’s Palette
Phalaenopsis – Moth Orchid
Plerandra elegantissima – False Aralia
Polyscias ‘Asian Lace’ – Asian Lace Plant

Melina Simpson

Anthurium andreanum – Painter’s Palette
Echeveria elegans – Hen and Chickens
Saintpaulia ionantha – African Violet
Schlumbergera truncata – Zygocactus
Tillandsia bergeri – Air Plant

Chelsea van Rijn

Aglaonema cultivars – Chinese Evergreen
Dieffenbachia cultivars – Dumb Cane
Saintpaulia ionantha – African Violet
Zamia furfuracea – Cardboard Palm
Zamioculcaus zamiifolia – Treasure Fern

From a 6 page Feature Article in Issue Thirty Nine
Aglaonema Thai hybrids
Anthurium andraeanum cultivars
Saintpaulia ionantha


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