Bonsai Conference in Vietnam

Tess Simpson



I have just had the pleasure of attending the fifth Asia-Pacific Bonsai Friendship Federation Convention and Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam during June this year. Delegates from many countries such as Puerto Rico, India, the United States of America, Australia, China, Korea, Taiwan, China and Vietnam gathered to share a common bond and to learn about the Vietnamese interpretation of this art.

The biennial festival is held rotationally among the Asia-Pacific Bonsai Friendship Federation’s eight members – Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Chinese Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippines – and promotes and popularises the bonsai art in the region.

Bonsai originally started in China and was popularised in the western world by Japan. Over this period these various countries have added their own style to the art of bonsai.

From a 2 page Feature Article in Issue Thirty Nine
Temple Bells, also known as Water Jasmine (Wrightia religiosa), has been trained in the traditional South Vietnamese style of bonsai.
The Opening Ceremony was truly spectacular. Apart from the international guests, there was a large contingent of people from the other provinces of Vietnam.


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