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A diary of comments and developments...
by Paul Plant
Editor – subTropical Gardening magazine

19th January 2012 - And talking about Facebook - the Ipswich Plant Expo has created their page... use the Facebook link on their website if you are interested in collecting plants, love rare plants or just simply love gardening.

19th January 2012
- Facebook is such a weird communication tool. Are 'friends' actually people worth 'collecting'? It seems far too many businesses use facebook to just increase their number of 'friends' rather than organically creating a keen following of passionate individuals who like to listen and share what you and others are interested in. I prefer the  latter... quality anytime over quantity!

14th January 2012 - The website for the Ipswich Plant Expo is up -
- I am a speaker, as are Colin Campbell, Arno King, Claire Bickle and Noel Burdette. 

4th January 2012
- Just got back from New Zealand. The devastatoin in Christchurch was shocking. I doubt very much if that city will be holding the Ellerslie Garden Show this year or in the future. 

24th December 2011 - To all readers, subscribers and the general public of gardeners, have a safe and happy festive season. Travel safe.

2nd October 2011 - Working on the November Issue 25 now. This one looks a stunner!

14 September 2011 - Rumours of a new event in 2012 - Ipswich Plant Expo. More info to come in due course. Oh, and the trip to China was amazing. Will be organising another for 2012 in August.

2nd July 2011
- Sent out E-Newsletters yesterday to all the online subscribers for the STG Community pages. Congrats to Kebunya of Singapore who noted the error - Yes it is Isaac Newton who is credited with  'inventing' the concept of gravity.

8th June 2011
- Winter is here even in sunny Queensland. Chilly nights have seen me with two jumpers on and many of my tropical plants stressed. If frost is likely to occur, spray plants the day before with a seaweed solution. Alternatively ask your local garden centre what other products are available.

2nd June 2011
- Issue 23 came out last month... vibrant daylily on the cover. Its impossible to overlook this cover! Recent disasters (floods, cyclones, etc) are still causing havoc to businesses across this state and others. Support your local businesses.

20th April 2011
- We are working hard on Issue 23 due out in May. If you have not subscribed yet, do it now so that the issue comes directly to your mail box saving you time and energy finding it in your local newsagent.

23rd February 2011 - Issue 22 is now out. Cover is the variegated shell ginger, Alpinia zerumbet 'Variegata'. Recent floods and damage by cyclone has caused many people in Queensland to loose their homes, their sentimental items and their gardens.If you are able, please assist them with physical help to clean and rebuilt their home, or donate money to the State Government Appeal.

2nd January 2011 - Happy New Year folks. 

10th December 2010 - Its been a really hectic 2010 with so much work, so many articles and all those glorious vibrant plants photographed. I hope all readers have enjoyed this year and I look forward to 2011.

18th January 2010 - Regretfully I cannot tell you yet what is in this issue 18 until it goes to print... we cannot leak out the news in case our 'competitors/colleagues' find out. :)
Issue 18 is going to live up to the reputation subTropical Gardening magazine has established... one of the BEST gardening magazines in Australia + THE BEST gardening magazine suited to the tropics, subtropics and warm climates.

4th January 2010 - Its flat-out now work on Issue 18 of subTropical Gardening magazine. Due out in February, we only have a few weeks to get this one finished. Looks like another interesting issue for our readers and supporters.

3rd January 2010 - Warm climate gardening has the advantage of growing all the 'tender' plants that cold-climate gardeners only dream of. Luckily we do not have to dream in the tropics, subtropics and warm temperate climates.

2nd January 2010 - Tropical plants are a favourite of mine and to our readers. In the garden you can have tropical foliage plants, tropical fruit trees, tropical herbs and spices, tropical shrubs (flowering or foliage) and of course a plethora of orchids, climbers and groundcovers. What gardeners of colder climates would give just to get some of these delightful plants to grow!  So for those who live in warm climates, your plant selection is endless... choose those plants that meet your desires, needs and likes. You will delighted in how well they grow.

1st January 2010 - Happy New Year ! With so many subtropical plants available to all gardeners its great to know we all have a wealth of options open to us - from subtropical cottage gardens full of herbs and flowers, to subtropical orchards with fruit trees, flowering trees and shrubs. We also have an abundant selection of palms for the climate, vegetables and spices that can be grown in our gardens.

31st December 2009 - Last day of 2009. Hope you all had a great 2009 with lots of flowers, fruits and abundant growth. For 2010, may all your composts mature, flowers flourish, fruit ripen, grass grow and those pesty bugs and grasshoppers avoid your garden. Have a festive New Year and I look forward to hearing from you all 'next' year.

22nd December 2009 - Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year to all. Hope your gardens thrive, your flowers bloom, your fruit mature and your grass greens. I personally wish all our subscribers and supporters a wondrous time with family and friends.

14th November 2009 - Well its done... Issue 17 is out there for all. Subscribers have been posted copies and its in the newsagents.

27th July 2009 - Off to Cairns this week for work... work... work and rest (after hours). Hope to also see some great national parks and private gardens on drive back south.

24th July 2009 - All subscribers now have their copies of Issue 16. It will not be in newsagents till 3rd August.

18th June 2009 - Congratulations to Colin Campbell and Marian Hammond on  winning last night's The Great Debate: Gardening is a Dangerous Addiction. As one of the 'losing team' they did a fab job at beating Dr Jean Sim and myself.

17th June 2009 - The Great Debate is on tonight - will my team win? Our side is the affirmative of 'Gardening is a Dangerous Addiction'. Clearly we will win - its very obvious. Only a person who does not care for other humans would not want our gardening colleagues to be aware of the dangers and the addictive nature gardening can be. Plus, I really do want the trophy :)

20th May 2009 - Issue 15 is on its way to subscribers and newsagents. If your local newsagent runs out or does not stock subTropical Gardening, then subscribe.

12th May 2009 - Issue 15 is in print and on its way. Subscribers are expected to get their copies in the next week. Newsagents will be stocked within 14 days.

23rd March 2009 - I would like to remind our readers that if you are running a gardening event or trip, please take some photos of your group socialising. Send us some of these images so we can print them and show others how active your club or society is. Images need to be high resolution and we only accept digital images. It is also important to check that all the people in the images are happy for you to send the image to us for printing. If you have any questions, contact us via the 'Contact Page' on this website.

19th March 2009 - Our contributors are hard at it sourcing the final images for articles to appear in Issues 15 and 16. If you have an organic garden that's a bumper cropper that we can do a case study on (as featured in Issues 13 and 14), please contact us for potential future issues. We are also keen to hear ideas and suggestions for future articles and topics.

16th March 2009 - Radio session went well - a whopping 40 calls (approximately) answered during the time period on each day.

15th March 2009 - I have succumbed to Twitter - a short internet-based communication tool that only allows a few words to be uploaded at any time. This is a great tool if you want to keep abreast of what I am up to. Please go the Paul Plant Twitter page...
I have been spending a little time understanding how to use it before I was comfortable. Why not join twitter and let us 'follow' each other.

9th March 2009 - Oh, how time flies when one is busy. Today I was down at the Tweed Heads Garden Club in NSW giving a talk to a group of very keen plant lovers (no pun intended). It was great to see displays of flowering and foliage plants that members exhibited - wonderful! What I really love about garden clubs is the opportunity for gardeners to share ideas and experiences with each other. This is truly a great way to learn how to garden.

8th March 2009 - This is a reminder to all radio 4BC ( listeners that I will be looking after the 'hot seat' while Colin Campbell is away in New Zealand. Tune in from 7am-10am on the following dates to hear chat with listeners and readers:
  • 14 & 15 March
  • 21 & 22 March

17th February 2009 - The new INDEX including all content from Issue 14 has now been uploaded. You can search plants by common or botanical names, find out what other names each plant has, download the PDF Index or play with the search tool on-line. For more about the subTropical Gardening magazine INDEX, go to: /magindex_a.htm 

12th February 2009 - Had a film session with WEEKEND EXTRA today on pest control. Interesting and enjoyable experience with Miranda Deakin and Cameraman Mark. If it goes up onto YouTube, will add the link here.

11th February 2009 - Last week I did a stint with Channel 9 BRISBANE EXTRA on weeds - to check it out click on this link:

6th February 2009 - The index for Issue 14 is being worked on and will be uploaded next week, before the magazine is distributed. The Index will cover all issues from No. 1 to the new No.14.

5th February 2009 - I am pleased to announce we have an official date when the magazine comes off the printers machines - 11th Feb. This indicates that subscribers will receive their copies early the following week and newsagents shortly afterwards.

5th February 2009 - Just a reminder to everyone that I will be attending the AIH Queensland Garden Fair on Sat 21st and Sunday 22nd Feb at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens Auditorium. Back issues will be available for sale so its a great way to catch up on lost issues (we know your siblings borrowed them and have not returned them). I will also be giving a talk on the Sunday so I hope to see you there. More details of the event can be seen in Issue 14, or in the events page of this website.

28th January 2009 - We all enjoy gardening in Australia irrespective of climate. We learn what works and what does not by trial and error. This magazine is interested in hearing what you do in your garden, your backyard, your piece of land and your plot. If you have an idea, an observation or even an experience you would like to share with our readers, please contact us so that we can spread your information. Soon we will be introducing another significant element to this website - stay tuned for more details.

27th January 2009 - Contributors for the upcoming Issue 14 include Steve Popple, Daniel Cole, Helen Curran, Noel Burdette, Harry Crane, Grant Larkin, Anton van der Schans, Joan Dillon, Linda Brennan, Arno King, John Sullivan, Claire Bickle, Cynthia Carson and myself. We also have had input from the Sub-Tropical Fruit Club of Queensland, Queensland Bromeliad Society and the Cactus and Succulent Society of Queensland. To all of you - a big THANK YOU!

16th January 2009 - Off to the printers today to see how some of the pages come up on gloss paper. We are still a few weeks away to putting it to full print but we like to test a few pages and gauge the quality. Our supporter (ie advertisers) will love what we are doing, our non-supporters will once again miss communicating with our unique readership. Did you know that some companies did not think our magazine would even last 2 years - Ha! We are now in our 4th year and are now one of the leading gardening and landscape magazines in Australia.

15th January 2009 - Issue 14 is having its format finalised and we are still deciding on the cover images - which plant best summarises the issue and has the X-Factor for the cover? The cover image has a massive affect on what people buy and we have seen this first hand. The stunner cover on Issue 8 has undoubtedly been one of our best, whilst cover on Issue 9 was not. Both exemplified the contents, both looked nice, but consumers still use the cover as a reference to buy. We are keen to hear from some of our readers what they think of our covers... use the CONTACT page to send us your comments.

7th January 2009 - There has been no rest for us over this break - well yes there was... 5 days. I  was back to work on the 2nd Jan and have been flat out finalising Issue 14 which is due to hit newsagents by mid-February 2009. Stay tuned for more updates soon. Happy New Year to all our subscribers, readers and supporters.

30th December 2008 - 2009 is almost upon us and the traditional New Year resolutions will be making some of us take hard decisions. Consider these for 2009:

  • responsible use [or lack of] of pesticides or organic products

  • plant more local endemic plants in the garden

  • investigate the possibilities with community gardens, adopt-a-park schemes and roadside planting

  • encourage and actively follow your local, state and federal political representatives for more parks, more reserves, less urban sprawl and the protection of good agricultural land near populated zones

  • put in another rain tank, or donate one to another gardener who cannot afford one

  • encourage your local council to start up street planting scheme and permission to plant on the curb

  • support small local businesses whatever you buy

  • if you live in an urban region downsize the car to a smaller engine or upgrade to an hybrid vehicle

  • de-sex all your cats and dogs unless you are a registered pet breeder as de-sexed pets tend to roam the district more at night and hence more likely to kill native animals

Don't adopt the traditional resolutions - for 2009 aim for something different.

24th December 2008 - On behalf of all our contributors and supporters, we wish you, our readers, a joyous and festive Christmas season and restful period. Give your garden plants a Christmas present with a dose of seaweed solution.

17th December 2008 - The pre-Christmas rush has kept our staff very busy - orders have come in thick and fast. subTropical Gardening makes an excellent present for keen gardeners - even for those who live in cooler climates.

16th December 2008 - After glorious rains in the past few weeks we have experienced a few hot steamy days resulting in plants wilting. If this happens in your garden, the plants are just stressing - a result of growth during times of high rainfall now experiencing low rainfall. To overcome the symptoms, increase your watering of these plants. Alternatively, leave them alone and the plants will toughen to withstand the conditions. During times of water restrictions it is best not to pump your plants full of water - this equates to wasting this valuable resource.

8th December 2008 - The on-line index for the magazine has been uploaded into our search tool on the website. You can check it all out from.... /magindex_a.htm
This is a great tool to check spelling of botanical names (and yes we have made a few errors in the magazine - we are human after all) and highly valuable in sorting out common names and botanical names.

5th December 2008 - As editor I am often asked how we support charitable endeavours. To date we have donated valuable advertising space to:

  • Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia


  • The Cancer Foundation

We feel that as media we have a responsibility to support and recognise socially important issues. Over future issues we will endeavour to support other ventures that are important to us and the community of our readers.

28th November 2008 - I wish to let readers of this blog in on some background information of the magazine. Each article we receive is read over by 3 people (2 for horticultural details + 1 for grammar) before it is given its final proofing. This period itself can take a number of weeks with discussions back and forth between writer and subeditor and editor. Luckily we print the magazine in Brisbane so we have the advantage of a swift turnaround from proofing print copies to the final bound copy. Although we only produce 4 copies per year it is amazing how much work is actually involved by all people to bring you each copy. To each and every person on the STG team... thank you :)

26th November 2008 - Issue 13 has been out for a week and we thank all readers for their kind comments regarding this latest issue. It seems readers love the 12 pages jam-packed full of organic gardening hints for the warm climate zones of Australia (and similar regions in the Pacific).

10th November 2008 - Due to popular demand we have activated on-line secure subscription for overseas people. The demand has been so high we have linked payment to the simple PLANT ID website to facilitate the orders. If you live in New Zealand, Noumea, Singapore, Natal or California, you can now buy the magazine directly from us. Go to our subscription page for costs and details.

10th November 2008 - Issue 13 is now with the printers and we expect subscribers to receive their copies on 20th Nov, but hopefully earlier. Newsagents may not receive theirs for up to 7 days later. We will be updating the website to correspond with those dates and will be introducing our on-line index so that you can find which issues have topics and plants you want to know about.

4th November 2008 - Nothing like waking up at 4.30am to head out and take images for the cover of a magazine. Though I am personally not a morning person, it was indeed a beautiful time of the day. I think we have captured to correct image for our cover and am eager to see it on the proofs before it goes to full print. Subscribers should expect to receive their copies of Issue 13 around the date of 21st November. Given how Australia Post works, some may receive earlier, some later.

31st October 2008 - Issue 13 is due out in mid-November. We are now doing one of the hardest and last elements of the publications - the front cover. Any suggestions?

20th October 2008 - If you live in South East Queensland come the the DPIF Redland Research Station on Delancey Street, Cleveland this Saturday 21st October from 7am onwards. I will be there promoting the magazine so come up and say hello. Colin Campbell will be there doing a live outdoor broadcast for radio station 4BC.

20th October 2008 - Just reminding readers that if your garden club has an event or outing, please send us high quality images so that your club can  be featured in our SOCIAL GARDENERS page.

19th October 2008 - With only a few weeks left till  Issue 13 is posted out to subscribers and hits the newsagents across Australia I am pleased to announce a massive feature on organic gardening in the upcoming issue. Though we have highlighted the importance of home grown vegetables and fruit in all past issues we have elected to create a dedicated section in each issue for our readers. Other features in the upcoming issue are gardens of Bali, the colour Blue, favourite soft foliaged plants, colourful foliage and community nurseries. 

16th October 2008 - I have had a few enquires seeking basic information for local Gardening in Brisbane. To make life easier I recommend everyone interested to read the Brisbane Gardening article on the PLANT ID website (/home/guide_view.aspx?id=149)
This article addresses the basics of climate and provides helpful links.

14th October 2008 - Time has been rushing past with heads down into Issue 13 of subTropical Gardening. It is on track for release in mid November. As usual there are some stunning articles to be printed and readers will love the content and images.

15th August 2008 - Well its come around again and I have a stint on talk back radio 4BC on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th August from 7am till 10am. Listen to the show live at Its Gardening Talk back with Paul Plant.

10th August 2008 - A chilly -0.3 degrees Celsius last night at my home west of Brisbane. Remember if frost is likely to occur at your place you need to either:

  • protect your plants the night before by covering them with a protective sheet

  • spray your plants with a protective product - ask you local garden centre for advice regarding products

  • wake up early on the frosty morning to hose your plants - this minimises damage to the cells within the leaves.

6th August 2008 - Garden Plants of the World is a fabulous book covering over 4200 popular plants. We have been able to secure an exceptional price for our readers: $45 includes postage and handling (normally $65 plus $7 P/H). That's a saving of $27.00. This book is hard to source as there is limited stock left now in Australia. To order, refer to Page 22 in Issue 12 or download the PDF... click here.

1st August 2008 - Issue 12 has indeed been well received. Than you to all people who have responded with such supportive comments. We appreciate your words referring to us as the best gardening magazine in Australia.

5th July 2008 - SEX IN THE CITY garden - Yes folks that is the talk I will be giving at the upcoming Qld Home Garden Expo on 11-13th July at Nambour. The talks at 2pm at the Oval Speakers Corner Stage One will cover:

  • Love making in the garden – flower style!

  • The mantra of bees – it only takes one!

  • Exhibitionism – letting it all show!

  • Fetishes – what turns me on!

1st July 2008 - Update with Issue 12 of subTropical Gardening. The magazine is in print and paid up subscribers will have their copies posted shortly after 14th July. It is not due in newsagents till 21st July.

27th June 2008 - Hello readers and subscribers. Catch up with us at stand 279 at the upcoming Qld Home Garden Expo on Friday 11th - Sunday 13th July. We will have Issue 12 for sale in a special SHOWBAG - price $10 includes Issue 12 and Issue 9 plus a bundle of gardening goodies. Additional back copies can then be purchased on the day for only $5.00.

20th June 2008 - Issue 12 is now being finalised and will be available to subscribers and from newsagents in mid-late July. Coming up in the next issue are clivias, exotic plants, colour red, cottage gardens in warm climates, foliage plants, hedging plants, dry rainforest plants, gardening for the future plus so much more!

13th May 2008 - Having pushed through the last production of Issue 11 and having created yet another brand new magazine (for the horticultural industry trades people in Queensland... hortiQ) we have closed the office from today till Thursday 25th May. All orders will be on hold till we re-open our office.

23rd April 2008 - Thank you for everyone who came up to us on the weekend and said how much you like the magazine. We also appreciate all the suggestions for interesting articles - future issues will be worth watching! We are always eager to display our magazine at these events to increase awareness to the public about our magazine for the local gardeners. It is proudly produced, printed and published in Queensland. Our qualified horticulturists are not only passionate plantspeople, but aren't half bad at creating great photography. From the tropics, subtropics and warm temperate climates you can be assured that we have your gardening interest at heart. We are and will continue to be the preferred gardening magazine for warm climates in Australia. 

15th April 2008  - Catch up with us at stand A5 at the ABC Gardening Australia Expo, Brisbane Convention Centre, South Brisbane this coming weekend. Once you enter, turn left and we are there at the front left hand corner. We have a special showbag with 3 copies of magazines (including the new Issue 11), a bromeliad and a bunch of other product samples. See you there. :)

10th April 2008  - Issue 11 is now in print. Gardeners attending the ABC Gardening Australia will be able to buy if FIRST in our special show bag offer. Subscribers will receive their copies the week after the event. It will be hitting newsagents by Friday 25th April.

30th March 2008 - Personal observations of MIFGS, in Melbourne Australia. Despite wind storms and bad weather forecasts, the event was worth going to. Floral displays were eye catching and awesome. Display gardens can be summed up as 'stunning Japanese Garden' - this was worth looking at although I personally would have given some of the student designs awards above some of the others that got Silver Medals. I will however endeavour to go again next year.

19th March 2008  - Catch up with me on radio 4BC (1116am) on Saturday and Sunday 22nd & 23rd March (Easter weekend) from 7am till 10am.

10th March 2008  - We are working hard to have Issue 11 out and for sale at the upcoming Gardening Australia event in Brisbane on the 18th April. Make sure you come and see us on stand A5.

15th February 2008
Catch up with me tomorrow at the White Hill Garden Club, Flinders View. For details contact Jenny on 07 3282 3989

10th February 2008
Hello garden clubs. If you are running events or just on an outing to a special location, why not send us an image so that your group will be featured in the SOCIAL GARDENERS page. Look in the most recent issue of the magazine for details about submitted the image.

20th January 2008
Issue 10 is now completed and at the printers. Subscribers should expect their copies in the next few weeks.

30th December 2007
Just a quick not to everyone that Issue 10 will be coming out in Early February 2008, and for those subscribers who have already received your last issue, a renewal letter will be posted in the next week.

20th December 2007
Its near the end of this year to all our subscribers, readers, advertisers and contributors I personally wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

9th November 2007
Issue 9 has now been printed and is on its way to newsagents and subscribers.

22nd October 2007
Issue 9 is now being formatted in preparation for print. We expect this to hit newsagents in early November. We will keep you abreast of the release date.

21st October 2007
Everyone in Australia has heard of 'The Worm' in relation to a debate. My response... worms are bad or a pot plant and hence this particular worm is bad for the people. This so-called debate of the leaders does NOT REPRESENT the actual election process (where are the other contenders) and as such should be eliminated with a dose of epsom salts. I won't be watching a display of political-chest beating between two individuals who are insecure about other participants in a debate. I want to hear what their policies are for the environment, water and the horticultural industry! Sadly I know these will be overshadowed by other issues.

20th October 2007
For those interested in listening I will be filling in for Colin Campbell on radio 4BC on Sat and Sun (20-21st) from 7am - 10.00 am. Please tune in and ask questions. I hope to hear from you.

13th October 2007
Two days ago the national Horticultural Media Awards was held in Adelaide. We submitted the magazine for the awards and caused such a stir that the judges were unable to choose a single outright winner. To us that is GREAT NEWS. Although we did not win it shows that our publications is worthy to ruffle the feathers of the well-established gardening magazines. It is an honour to be considered by the judges worthy of such recognition and to be seen as a contender and significant industry player amongst the other magazines created in Australia.

5th September 2007
The office will be closed from 6th Sept - 17th Sept whilst I head down to Melbourne for a conference and check out places to visit for our garden tour in 2008. If you have any enquiries please wait till then or send an email...I will endeavour to check emails while I'm away. As mentioned Issue 8 is in the newsagents now.

29th August 2007
Below is the list of our top 10 best selling newsagents for Issue 7

  • Palmerston Newsagency, Palmerston

  • Howard Springs Newsagency, Howard Springs

  • Humpty Doo Newsagency, Humpty Doo

  • Newsxpress Buderim, Buderim

  • Newsxpress Robina, Robina

  • Chippindall Newsagency, Bundaberg

  • Maleny Newsagency, Maleny

  • NewsXpress Indooroopilly, Indooroopilly

  • Newsexpress Kenmore Village, Kenmore

  • Nextra Carindale News, Carindale

Let's see who sells the most of Issue 8?

27th August, 2007
Issue 8 is on its way to all subscribers and newsagencies across all states. If your local newsagent store does not stock it, ask them why? Tell them to speak to 'Gordon & Gotch'.

20th August, 2007
Its raining! Well at least its spitting where I live west of Brisbane. Looking at the maps on Bureau of Meteorology website it appears that the dams got some too. This week looks like a great time to do some gardening. Soil conditioning will be my priority. The rains have moistened the soil making it perfectly prepared for being covered in mulch. Remember to aim for about 7cm depth of mulch.

2nd August, 2007
Issue 2 is OUT OF STOCK. All orders that are now being received are being contacted and informed of this fact. 

25th July, 2007
Announcement...Issue 8 will be coming out in late August.

17th July, 2007
- we are pleased to now offer a number of tours to some of the most spectacular gardens and public and private gardens in

  • New Zealand with Arno King

  • Melbourne and MIFGS with Paul Plant

  • California with Paul Plant

  • Brazil with Arno King

  • for more details call Janet on 07 4630 0147 or email us

11th July, 2007
Announcement...we are running low with some of our earlier issues so if you are interested in buying them as a set, you might wish to consider buying them before the full sets sell out!

10th July, 2007
We are currently organising Garden Tours to places such as New Zealand, MIFGS (Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show), California and Brazil. Tour Horticulturists will be some of our writers to ensure you  have the best gardening advice on the trip! Stay tuned.

6th July, 2007
The event in May was fabulous – great to see the enthusiasm of gardeners and NEW GARDENERS interested in buying plants and products to improve their gardens and the environment.

9th June, 2007 the Nambour Garden Show (Qld Home Garden Show) we will be giving away free our special MINI MAG which will focus on spring gardening in the subtropics; water wise plant selection; grey water issues; spring activities.
To get your free MINI MAG come to our stand at the show.
Look on the EVENTS page for more information.

5th June, 2007 is raining!!!! Please let this be drought breaking. Like all optimistic gardeners I will be out in the next day or two spreading out the fertiliser and looking forward to see fresh growth on my plants. Unfortunately it will also lead to that dreaded activity called "mowing". Let the rains come!

1st June, 2007
Unlike most states of Australia, Queensland has unfortunately placed botanic gardens under the management of local councils. If we look at New South Wales and Victoria for example, their botanic gardens have been maintained and promoted as a valuable asset to the economy and tourism of those states. Despite evidence to show that places like Brisbane's Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens is one of the most tourist visited locations in the state's capital, it appears to be not well supported by the local city council. Really, what is the meaning of employing a WHS officer to be in charge of the planting and plant selection at a botanic gardens - that is as helpful as me picking the Queensland cricket team quad. Clearly it is time to hand this asset over to the state government.

31st May, 2007
Its been a dry month. Local Councils across most regions of Australia (except the tropics) are well into water restrictions and media-bashing the horticultural industry. In reality it is the one industry that is trying to improve the air, soil and waterways by planting the world with valuable green plants!
It would be nice if local councilors placed parks and gardens, green space and horticulture as a priority rather than concrete infrastructure.

11th May, 2007
Well its nearly time to turn this computer off and relax - I need a red! With luck it will rain on my birthday and all the plants will plump up to celebrate 'the end of the drought'. If only that will come true. Happy gardening to all and remember that local advice for local gardeners is already in your local newsagent... subTropical Gardening. 

30th April, 2007
The ABC event is now finished and we had a great time. Many readers came up to us to speak to the writers and many gave us great ideas for future issues. If you would like to book some of the STG team to your gardening event, contact us for details.

27th April, 2007
Its out...Issue 7 has come off the printers!!
Subscribers will receive copies next week before it hits the newsagents.  

14th April, 2007
If you belong to a garden club and have had a function, trip or awards night recently, please tell us. We would like to feature your club/society in our magazine. Contact us today.

10th April, 2007
Issue 7 announcement – Issue 7 will be released to newsagents for the first weekend of May. Early copies can be obtained for the subTropical Gardening stand at the ABC Gardening Australian Expo QLD event 27-29th April, Brisbane Convention Centre, South Brisbane. Subscribers will receive their copy in the mail a few days after this event.

5th April, 2007 - part 2
Congratulations is extended to Arno King who has been awarded a FELLOW of the Australian Institute of Horticulture. This award is assessed by a national panel and is only given to individuals who have offered exceptional services to industry and the community for horticultural endeavours. Arno King joins an exclusive group of professional horticulturists across Australia and local Queensland individuals: Colin Campbell FAIH, Harry Crane FAIH and Paul Plant FAIH.

5th April, 2007
To the victors go the trophies! Congratulations to Colin Campbell and Linda Brennan on their debate defeat of Paul Plant and Jo Roberts. It as a fun night with facts, fiction and frivolities... enjoyed by all who attended. Stay tuned to images in the next issue of subTropical Gardening (out in early May).

23rd March, 2007
Reminder to all gardeners of Queensland's best gardening event of the year...the GREAT DEBATE. Yes its on again. Last time the highly acclaimed Fellows of the Australian Institute of Horticulture fought it out - Colin Campbell and yours truly teamed up again the gals (Annette Irish and Marg Simonsen) and the guys won.
This year Colin and Paul are sparring on opposing sides. Who will win? who will collect the cup? Which team creates the most laughter? Which team wins the wooden trowel?
Topic: Gardening is a Dangerous Sport
Details: Wed 7pm on 4th April at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens auditorium
Bookings essential: 0400 709 498 or [email protected]
Cost: FREE

10th March, 2007
Well it is disappointing to hear Qld Water Commission is again finger pointing at the horticultural industry and home gardeners. One can only hope that justice prevails and a fair and reasonable restriction is introduced to ALL OTHER INDUSTRIES. But I'm not holding my breath!

15th February, 2007
Yes...Issue 6 is out this week! Subscribers will have copies delivered before it hits the stores.

28th January, 2007
Finishing touches are now going on Issue 6 which is expect to hit the stores before Saturday 10th February.

26th January, 2007
Announced today were the recipients of the Australia Day awards. One or our contributors, Colin Campbell, has been awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia. On behalf of all the team at STG we congratulate Colin Campbell OAM.

28th December, 2006
We have just acquired some fresh stock of past issues and due to the popularity of the Xmas special (Issues 1, 2, 3,4 and 5 for only $37.30) we will continue this great offer until we are unable to offer it any longer. This means you can still buy all the back copies for this special price in early 2007. For the order form click here.

27th December, 2006
Letters have now been sent out to the lucky 200 subscribers who have participated in our survey. Letters should be arriving any day now.

20th December, 2006
To all subscribers, readers and keen gardeners, we wish you all a safe and a merry Christmas and New Year.

26th November, 2006
Popped down to Sydney yesterday for a meeting of the Australian Institute of Horticulture. The previous National Executive and Administrator did a marvelous job at keeping the association afloat and working at initiatives that will improve the professionalism of the Institute. All the best to the newly elected team in their role to continue with this work and develop the Institute as a national body of professional horticulturist. Members like myself and  others in the industry look forward to these outcomes of an up-to-date constitution and advocacy.

20th November, 2006
Level 4 water restrictions, despite all the negative propaganda, allows us as keen gardeners and leading natural environment 'friends' to consider water efficient strategies for our garden. This may involve growing different plants but more importantly recognise the fact that many plants really are tough and do not need excessive water. Consider your plants wisely and save potable water. Seriously look at buying a water tank so that you CAN WATER despite restrictions.

19th November, 2006
Attending the 2006 Queensland Landscape Construction Awards last night run by QALI. Congratulations to all the winners.

16th November, 2006
Our subscriber's survey has been outstanding. Already we have 200 submitted. Remember, that all submitted forms are in the running for the major prize.

13th November, 2006
A few magazines have been returned in the mail due to changes of address. To all subscribers, please notify us promptly of address postal changes.

1st November, 2006
Almost got to see the finished copy today. There was a delay in final packaging. Will see them tomorrow. Subscribers will be posted their copies on Friday.

31st October, 2006
Its almost time to release Issue 5. We have been notified that it will hit the newsagents this coming week.
If you have difficulty in sourcing a local newsagent that stocks the magazine, contact us and we give tell you which ones close to you were provided with copies. If they have run out, tell them to order more next time. If they do not stock it, tell them to do so!
Additionally don't forget to check local garden centres –we have a number that now sell the magazine directly to consumers. Check out this list here.

9th October, 2006
Well its that time again when all the content and images are in for the final layout of the next issue. Again we are pleased to say it will be a bumper production full of great images, valuable information and timely activities for the garden. Shannan, our graphics guru, does wonders with colour, layout and design styling. Our photography has been described by one 'professional' as REAL - we like that! It reflects what we are creating...real gardens, with real plants, real soil and real gardeners!
On a personal garden note I scored some fabulous frangipani cuttings the other day from a friend's tree. Remember to take cuttings as long as you can for instant effect. I have also been busy potting up my succulents, being careful with the spines of Agaves, and removing all old fronds from the triangle and gold cane palms. For flowering trees I cannot wait to see my Bolusanthus (tree wisteria) and Xanthostemon (golden penda) in flower. But right now the birds are still enjoying the flowering Aloe species.

19th September, 2006
Integrity of the industry has been re-established. Despite the unacceptable behavior of one low-life business operator, a production nursery in Victoria has gone beyond the call of duty to organise a replacement plant from his own private collection of specimens. Three stars goes to  Greenhills Propagation Nursery. Well done!

9th September, 2006
As a passionate plant collector I was shocked to find out that some plants I ordered were stolen during transit to me. It is disappointing that the main suspect seems to be an exhibitor at a recent garden show in Sydney, as the plants were in a truck of another exhibitor while parked in the 'secure' exhibitor's vehicle space.

28th August, 2006
Are you interested in giving us some feedback?
Catch up with me at Bruce Perrott's Nursery on Saturday 3rd Sept. I will be there talking about good gardening practices in the subtropics (of course!).

25th August, 2006
If you find it hard to source the magazine, give us a call or email us with your suburb and postcode. We can track down the nearest newsagent and garden centre that stocks the magazine. If all else fails please subscribe to the magazine so you do not miss out.

13th August, 2006
Additional stock has been sourced to ensure back orders of Issues 1, 2, 3 are available. If you missed out on these issues you can make back orders with our subscription form.

3rd August, 2006
Found an interesting article from Business Review Weekly (page 24: July 6-12, 2006) indicating that agriculture uses 70% of all water within Australia, while the 20 million residents use only 8.8% and commercial/industrial users share the remainder. This puts an interesting swing on the water debate!

1st August, 2006
Good News! We have received notice that Issue 4 will be ready for distribution to subscribers and newsagents early next week. Each issue is like a baby – eager to see it for the first time as a completed bound magazine.

26th July, 2006
Attended a meeting with the Botanical Art Society of QLD. They have a special exhibit coming up on 11-13th Aug at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens. For more info call (07) 3378 4249 

20th July 2006
We welcome another Florida subscriber to the magazine. This is a new magazine and we are pleased with the international response to this publication.


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