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Each issue we ask five horticulture experts to list their favourite plant types on a selected theme.

Previously we would only ask for two favourites each to be listed, however, we have expanded their initial selection to five favourites from which they choose their top two to focus upon.

The decision can depend upon many factors such as soil, climate, drought tolerance, aesthetics or just plain personal preference!

Pandanus pygmaeus – variegated small screwpine
Philodendron gloriosum – stain leaf philodendron
Ophiopogon jaburan ‘Variegata’ – variegated mondo grass / white lilyturf
Gardenia sp. ’Glennie River’
Costus productus

Tripladenia cunninghamii
Wahlenbergia stricta & W. communis
Adiantum atroviride (previously A. aethiopicum)
Pultenaea villosum
Rhodanthe anthemoides

Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’ – black mondo grass
Heliconia angusta ‘Red Xmas’
Zoysia matrella – manila grass
Canna cultivars
Tradescantia spathacea – rhoeo

Tulbaghia violacea
Gaura lindheimeri
Gazania rigens
Acalypha reptans
Scavola aemula

Pachystachys lutea
Bambusa textilis
var. gracilis
Callistemon viminalis – ‘Little John’
Heliconia cultivars
Agapanthus orientalis cultivars


From a 6 page Feature Article in Issue Ten
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