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Plants have been used for centuries to create separate garden spaces, to screen for privacy and to conceal utility areas. They also play an important role as windbreaks, as screens along busy roads and in reducing traffic noise.

There are many reasons for planting living screens including practical measures such as trapping spray drift at the urban rural interface. The effectiveness of the screen will be determined by the species chosen and the planting design. In general, choose evergreen plants with dense foliage persisting right to the ground.

Plants suited to hedging can be good screening plants.

Magazine Features: Backhousia myrtifolia, Backhousia citriodora, Syzygium species, Decaspermum humile, Westringia fruticosa, Melaleuca linariifolia, Gossia (syn. Austromyrtus) ‘Blushing Beauty’.

From a 2 page Feature Article in Issue Ten
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