It is not surprising that our streetscapes and adjoining gardens are highly varied in appearance and structure. Gardens are the spaces where we can be as creative as we like whilst catering for our own outdoor needs. How often, however, do we also think about the needs of the varied wildlife which lives in the same space?

The science is clear on climate change so we are trialling more heat tolerant plants and creating gardens which use less water. We can change the way we garden or even move to other locations in response to changes in our environment. Unfortunately, many of our plants and animals cannot adapt so readily and it is very likely that by 2020 (that is only 12 short years distant) there will be significant loss of biodiversity in the ecologically rich Queensland Wet Tropics, including actual extinction of some species.

Alpine areas, coastal regions, wetlands and riverine environments will be similarly affected. Unfortunately, natural systems are very vulnerable to even small shifts in climate patterns, particularly if the change is rapid.

The question is “what can we as individuals do to help our wildlife and is it important anyway?”

From a 4 page Feature Article in Issue Fourteen


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