The term Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has been bandied about
for a good twenty years now, yet many people secretly wonder what it is all about.

If you do not want an arsenal of chemicals mouldering-away in the garden shed, here are a few simple horticultural tips to help you on your way.

Topics covered in more detail are:

  • Physical Control
  • Mechanical Control
  • Cultural Control
  • Biological Control
  • Non-chemical Control
  • Chemical Control
  • GM - Genetically Modified Control
From a 2 page Feature Article in Issue Fifteen




A desire to attract birds to the garden often results in a predominance of
nectar producing flowers such as the undoubtedly colourful grevilleas and bottlebrushes. Many birds are, however, fruit eaters (or frugivores) and even our nectar feeders also like to snack on the small fruit which provide extra nutrients in their diet. A mix of nectar, fruit and insects keeps them healthy. They need a varied diet, just as we do.

Species discussed include:

  • Midgen or Midyim Berry (Austromyrtus dulcis)
  • Austromyrtus tenuifolia
  • Hairy Psychotria (Psychotria loniceroides)
  • Smooth Psychotria (Psychotria daphnoides)
  • Velvet Leaf (Callicarpa pedunculata)
  • Silky Myrtle (Decaspermum humile)
From a 3 page Feature Article in Issue Fifteen


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