10 Favourites - Local Native Plants



Each issue we ask five horticulture experts to list their favourite plant types on a selected theme.

Previously we would only ask for two favourites each to be listed, however, we have expanded their initial selection to five favourites from which they choose their top two to focus upon.

The decision can depend upon many factors such as soil, climate, drought tolerance, aesthetics or just plain personal preference!

Claire Bickle

Acacia fimbriata
– Brisbane Wattle, Fringed Wattle
Corchorus cunninghamii – Native Jute, Brisbane Buttercup
Hovea acutifolia – Purple Pea Bush, Pointed-leaved Hovea
Proiphys cunninghamii – Brisbane Lily
Pultenaea villosa – Hairy Bush Pea

Daniel Cole

Canavalia rosea
– Coastal Jack Bean
Carpobrotus glaucescens – Coastal Pigface
Ficinia nodosa – Knobby Club Rush
Gahnia sieberiana – Red Fruited Saw Sedge
Lepironia articulata – Grey Rush

Joan Dillon

Burchardia umbellata – Milk Maids
Melaleuca pachyphylla (syn. Callistemon pachyphyllus)
  – Wallum Bottlebrush
Persoonia virgata – Wallum Geebung
Petalostigma triloculare – Quinine Bush, Long-leaved Bitter Bark
Xanthorrhoea fulva – Wallum Grass Tree

John Sullivan

Dillenia alata
– Red Beach Tree
Haemodorum coccineum – Blood Lily
Livistona muelleri – Native Silver Fan Palm
Melaleuca dealbata – Blue-leaved paperbark, Silver-leaved Paperbark
Nymphaea violacea – Native Water Lily

Paul Plant

Chrysocephalum apiculatum
– Yellow Buttons
Eustrephus latifolius – Wombat Berry
Murdannia graminea – Slug Herb
Ozothamnus diosmifolius – Sago Flower, Pill Flower
Xanthorrhoea johnsonii – Forest Grass Tree

From a 6 page Feature Article in Issue Seventeen
Acacia fimbriata
Malaleuca pachyphylla (syn. Callistemon pachyphyllus)
Ozothamnus diosmifolius (syn. Helichrysum diosmifolium)


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