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Index for subTropical Gardening magazine current version includes Issues 1-38.

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Alternatively, download the entire 90 page STGIndex.PDF (866kb)

Format: 1(7)  [means: Issue ONE, page 7 may be text or image]

cv. is short for cultivar
f. is short for forma
prev. is short for previous
sp. is short for species
spp. is short for many species of the one genera
ssp. is short for subspecies
subsp. is short for subspecies
syn. is short for synonum
var. is short for variety


Quandong, Buff – see Peripentadenia mearsii; Peripentadenia phelpsii

Quandong, Desert – see Santalum acuminatum

Quandongs – see Elaeocarpus angustifolia; Santalum acuminatum

Quarantine – 1(43)

Quassia amara – 18(78)

Queen Anne’s Lace – see Amni majus

Queen of Sheba – see Podranea brycei

Queen of the Flowers – see Lagerstroemia speciosa

Queen of the Night – see Epiphyllum oxypetalum; Cestrum nocturnum; Hylocereus undatus

Queen Palms – see Syagrus romanzoffiana

Queen’s Crepe Myrtle – see Lagerstroemia speciosa

Queen’s Tears – see Billbergia nutans

Queen’s Wreath – see Petrea kohautiana

Queensland Arrowroot – see Canna edulis; Canna indica

Queensland Black Palm – see Normanbya

Queensland Blue Couch – see Digitaria didactyla

Queensland Blue Pumpkin – see Cucurbita maxima

Queensland Bluegrass – see Dichanthium sericeum

Queensland Bottle Tree – see Brachychiton repestris

Queensland Ebony – see Lysiphyllum hookeri

Queensland Fan Palm – see Licuala ramsayi

Queensland Golden Myrtle – see Thaleropia queenslandica, Metrosideros queenslandica

Queensland Grass Tree – see Xanthorrhoea johnsonii

Queensland Greenheart – see Endiandra compressa

Queensland Holly – see Graptophyllum ilicifolium; Graptophyllum spinigerum

Queensland Kari Pine – see Agathis robusta

Queensland Kauri Pine – see Agathis robusta

Queensland Maple – see Flindersia brayleyana

Queensland Silver Wattle – see Acacia podalyriifolia

Queensland Waratah Tree – see Alloxylon flammeum

Queensland Wheel of Fire – see Stenocarpus sinuatus

Queenslander house landscape – 14(10-13)

Quercus dentata aurea – 4(48)

Quesnelia edmundoi – 30(76)

Quesnelia edmundoi var. rubrobracteata – 30(76)

Quesnelia marmorata ‘Tim Plowman’ – 38(76)

Quesnelia testudo ‘Farro’ – 35(76)

Quicksilver – see Kalanchoe pumila

Quill – see Ledebouria; Drimiopsis

Quinine Bush – see Petalostigma triloculare

Quinoa – see Chenopodium quinoa

Quisqualis falcata var. mussaendiflora – 23(98); 24(75); sometimes also called Quisqualis mussaendiflora; now named Combretum falcatum

Quisqualis indica – 3(37); 12(65); 14(95); 17(20, 21); 20(11, 21); 21(31); renamed Combretum indicum




Welcome to the subTropical Gardening magazine INDEX

We have uploaded Issues 1-38.

Please use this tool not only to find items we have featured in our magazine, but also as a reference to verify plant names.


Paul Plant Editor


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