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About STG Community Blog

Welcome to the STG COMMUNITY BLOG for readers of subTropical Gardening magazine, plus others who are interested in the topic of warm climate gardening.

The STG COMMUNITY BLOG will provide you with an added experience to the published magazine and will include regular e-newsletters and multi-media features we are soon releasing for you to enjoy.

Over the coming weeks, months and years, you are welcome to comment on all our online articles (called ‘posts’) and by doing so we all learn from one-another’s experiences.

We will be introducing:

  • weekly e-newsletters
  • we will be trailling a live ‘radio’ program – all you need do is to tune in at the dedicated time via your computer – details announced soon.
  • exclusive additional content that compliment the published articles – only for the STG Community Blog members.
  • exclusive notification of specials and courses that we will be offering.

In the interim, join us in this blog as we increase the awareness and joys of gardening in the warm climates.

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We will be uploading articles from us (subTropical Gardening magazine) and we welcome articles from you.

We encourage everyone who wishes to submit a short article on their gardening experience to consider sending us the text. Feel free to express your successes and frustrations – you may well just help someone else with similar problems. If we really like it, we may contact you for inclusion in the printed publication of subTropical Gardening magazine.
-Limit of 500 words.
-Any submissions that are interpreted as blatently promoting a product or service will be deleted.
-Any rude, abusive or spamming communication will be deleted.
We look forward to your articles.
Articles are to be sent to info @  stgmagazine.com.au <<due to excessive spamming we ask that you remove the gaps in the email address here>> and mark the SUBJECT line as ‘STG Community Blog article submission’.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers and successful gardening 🙂

Paul Plant, Editor of subTropical Gardening magazine.

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