Forums for sharing gardeners

Here at subTropical Gardening, we encourage the STG Community to participate in OzGardenClub. This forum site has been set up to help all gardeners across Australia. By participating in the forum you get to share gardening experiences with others who are also interested in gardening. Anyone can look through the website of OzGardenClub but you will need to register as a user to participate and comment on content in that site.

The benefit of forums (discussions) is that you can participate on general topics (such as organic gardening) or specialised plant topics (such as cordylines). You can also use the forum to track down rare and unusal plants from other collectors. It allows you to keep in contact with garden club members and find new friends to visit when travelling.

Warm climate gardeners (tropics, subtropics and warm temperate) and cool climate gardeners (cool temperate, mediterranean and alpine) all share a common passion – a love for gardening, plants and the environment.

Use these links below to access specific forums you are interested in.


Plus many more will be added as time goes on.

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